Until/unless I stop being disgusted with tumblr fandom’s attitude right now. As it is, I don’t currently feel comfortable participating in this side of fandom. 

If I decide to not continue FE activity here, the playthrough may be moved to a platform like LJ or DW. 

Apologies to anyone who didn’t contribute to the causes leading me to ditch who was enjoying this. I’m still uncertain as to what my decision’s going to be, so don’t rage-unfollow just yet if you want more. 


Some Alan supports and talk behind the cut. 

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in which Marcus shatters Wolt’s hopes and dreams

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Pherae’s villagers are nothing if not courteous and pleasant.

Okay, so as it turns out, in order to boost support rates, I’ll have to restart the whole file. Otherwise the edits don’t go through, at least not for characters I already have. 


Thankfully, I’m only 3 chapters in, and I really don’t mind resetting here. I won’t be posting caps unless it’s a part I missed before that got eaten (there’s a bit of Narshen and Idoun I wanted to post), so be aware that when I get to posting chapter 4, stats and levels will likely be different. 

Such is the nature of being a cheater, I suppose. 

(I’ve set all supports to a base of 56 and a rate of 4 - the same as the quickest support, Roy/Lilina. I figure that’s pretty fair, and won’t make the emulator go batty the way others might.)


cheater cheater

pumpkin eater

This is another one of those moments that isn’t too complex in FE6 on its own. Once you add in the backstory lent by FE7, suddenly Hector’s disbelief makes a lot more sense. He’s seen dragons. Fought dragons.

He’s not alarmed because of some legend— he knows about these things firsthand, and knows that this time he’s not going to be around to protect the people he cares about from the inherent danger he believes they come with. 

So, those mysterious glitchy lines are apparently from Dorothy and Shin’s B support. Why they showed up at all and displayed as they did remains a mystery. 

I’ve heard other accounts of glitchy supports with the patched ROM, though: 

Yeeeeeaaaah. So I won’t be surprised if we see more

By the way

I’m trying to find info on modifying support rates, and coming up blank. If anyone has any info/links about it, please send it my way? I really want to cap supports and talk about them, but I’m lazy and typically don’t play with them in mind, so chances are if I do them “naturally”, we’ll end up with basically nothing. 

Chapter 3: a chapter of many firsts!

First restart, first use of Roy’s rapier, first adorable mage child, and first… bizarre glitch! 

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